I Choose The Sunshine

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Here is an encouraging poem by Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr.

I Choose The Sunshine

Amid life’s choices I rest my case

Though darkness has left me half blind

I vote to cast my fate with light

For Friend, I choose the Sunshine.


Although the clouds are dreary and grey

With cold rain falling most of the time

What a joy it is to wait for the rainbow

Dear Traveler, I choose the Sunshine.


It is no secret that strife is real

That heartbreak plagues you and I

How easy it would be to despair helplessly

But instead, I choose the Sunshine.


To choose the Sunshine is to choose tomorrow

It is to choose the promise of a new day

It is to side with Hope and trust in Faith

It is to allow Grace

To have its way.


And so, Dear Friend, I must confess

That this has become clear in my mind

That whenever I choose the Son

I amazingly


The Sunshine.


John 3:19; 8:36


Be encouraged,

Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr.

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