Turning On The Power: An Encouraging Poem

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Power is a word so often used
By so many in our world today
There’s power to change, power to influence
Power to go or to stay.

There’s the power of money, and the power of charm
The power of beauty and good looks
There’s the power of History, the power of Thought
The power of ideas that steam from books.

There’s the power of a tear, the power of a smile
The power of a kiss and warm embrace
There’s the power of a Dream, the power of a cause
There’s the power painted on a hungry face.

There’s power in Rest, and power in Silence
There’s power in nature being free
There’s power in Pain, power in Joy
There’s power in the thunderous sea.

But by far, the Power I seek the most
Is the power
The wondrous power
The great power
The Holy Ghost.

Acts 1:8

Excerpt from Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr’s book of poems entitled Turning On The Power (Poetry Of Life And The Spirit), 1991.

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