What A Difference A Daddy Makes!

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by Evangelist Manuel Scott, Jr.

Children are screaming even in their sleep
We all need to hear even for our own sakes
An entire generation, a child, all lost in unconscious pain
What a difference a Daddy makes!

Gangs of youth terrorize the land
Hunting for a voice, a hand, a smile to alleviate
The trauma of a father who never was there
Oh! What a difference a Daddy makes!

Girls and young women slither in lust
Using their bodies, their fantasies, to communicate
That they’re lost little lambs looking for a kind Shepherd
Jesus! What a difference a Daddy makes!

Executives and teachers, athletes and movie stars
Nursing old wounds too deep to articulate
An outburst here, a neurosis there, quietly sobbing
My God! What a difference a Daddy makes!

For a father, to a child, is a virtual god
A giant Teddy Bear of affection guarding the gate
But when his presence is not felt, the child slowly, ever so slowly, begins to evaporate
Mercy! What a difference a Daddy makes!

And so, dear friend, while the past has already taken place
I say to you, look up! For I’ve found a Father who can handle your case
He’s the Father of Mercy, Compassion, Love and Care
Seek Him. Trust Him. Obey Him.
And you will gladly declare
What a difference a Daddy makes!

Fatherhood is responsibility. . .a lot of love and the friendship of a parent and child.” Denzel Washington

(Poem taken from Evangelist Scott’s lecture, What A Difference A Daddy Makes!)

Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful fathers, acting fathers and godfathers!

Be encouraged,

Evangelist Manuel Scott, Jr.

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