May I Have An Abortion Please?

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by Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr.

May I have an abortion please
I have a date tonight at Nine
Make it quick, make it snappy
Let’s not fool around
I must be right on time.

May I have an abortion please
My nail must be done by Eight
Come Doctor, or whoever you are
I mustn’t be late.

May I have an abortion please
My dress is due at Six
It’s vitally important I’m home by then
In case something needs to be fixed.

May I have an abortion please
I must get to the bank by Five
Now Doctor, or whoever you say you are
I know money isn’t everything
For I’d give a million dollars
Just to be alive.

“Thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13

Be Encouraged,

Evangelist Manuel Scott, Jr.

(Poem from Evangelist Scott’s Turning On The Power poem booklet)

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